The last two tutorials (part 5 and 6) focus on a host of different functions available within FSDS for modeling, such as how to insert background images, copying/pasting parts, saving/loading parts, merging projects, use of parts properties to place objects, using the Transform menu, hiding parts, using the ruler tool, cloning parts and how to select a specific part by name or from the parts menu.

This is the first video tutorial where we actually model a structure. In this case a very basic hangar with open doors and an interior. This lesson will not focus on texturing this model, only constructing it. We will cover the texturing of this model in the next tutorial.

This video is the fifth in our series on texturing. This video focuses on applying textures to several different shapes including a sphere and discusses how to work around the texturing limitations of the program. It also discusses the technique used for polygon texturing which is an important element in working with FSDS.

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