A small ceremony was held in our Download Hangar today, celebrating an important milestone of no less than 100,000 downloads!

The Hangar's download counters were reset when we moved to our current host on October 14th, 2015 and have been counting every download since then. Not only do they give us a good indication of which files are more popular (scenery for Japanese bases, anyone? ;) ) but it also gives an impressive total downloads statistic. Today, the counter went over 100,000 downloads, a number we never dreamed to achieve in less than 6 months!

maiw 100k

We could never have gotten this far without your continuous support and without the constant flow of community work. Please continue to share your work with the community via our hangar. Another special mention goes to all our donors who help us maintain our service financially. As our library grows, so do the costs and it warms our heart to see so many people who want to share the burden with us. If you can and want to help, please use the donation app on our front page. Thank you!