AI Lockheed F-35C Lightning II

We are pleased to release the first part of an intended 6-part series of packages featuring new F-35 Lightning II models from John Young. The subject of the first release is the F-35C for FS9 with both conventional and carrier options. Steve Holland has kindly taken on the FDE design for the models in all 6 parts.

The intention is to complete the 6 packages in this sequence:

  • PART 1: F-35C’s - Land-based and Carrier - FS9
  • PART 2: F-35B’s - Conventional, STOVL, SRVL and VTOL - FS9
  • PART 3: F-35C’s - Land-based and Carrier - FSX/P3Dv4
  • PART 4: F-35B’s - Conventional, STOVL, SRVL and VTOL - FSX/P3Dv4
  • PART 5: F-35A’s - FS9
  • PART 6: F-35A’s - FSX/P3Dv4

To accommodate the F-35B AI aircraft in Part 2, which is at an advanced stage, Brent Newman has produced updates to his Iawakuni (Japan) scenery and to the MAIW Beaufort and Yuma sceneries (USA). Hartwig Ullrich is kindly doing the same for his Patuxent River enhancement, which will include both F-35B and F-35C AI models.

For the F-35C models, Jamie Mayo has modified his scenery of Eglin AFB to enable the aircraft to operate there, whilst the same has been done with the existing MAIW Lemoore scenery. In addition, flight plans enable the F-35C Carrier models to operate from the deck of USS John F Kennedy (CV-67), which is located off the Florida coast in the Carr2006 package produced initially by Javier Fernandez and Richard Hogan and updated by R A Baum. Although the ship was decommissioned in 2007, it provides a convenient platform for carrier operations in the vicinity of the Florida Naval air Stations should users wish to fly between the locations or to program AI traffic similarly.

The F-35C package comprises two aircraft folders with 6 models and 35 paints between them:

F-35C Land-based:

  • no wing-fold, clean
  • no wing-fold, loadout
  • wing-fold, clean
  • wing-fold, loadout

F-35C Carrier:

  • wing-fold, clean
  • wing-fold, loadout

The land-based models use a conventional runway take-off with afterburner and a long landing. The carrier-based models use a shorter take-off to simulate a catapult launch and a very short arrested landing.

4 US Navy/USMC Squadrons are featured in the Part 1 package:


Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 23 (VX-23) is an aviation unit of the United States Navy based at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. The squadron operates multiple aircraft types, including both the F-35B and F-35C for test and evaluation purposes. Hartwig’s update of his Patuxent River scenery is not quite finished at the time of release of the Part 1 package. Please monitor the F-35 section of the forum for a release announcement. Four examples of the F-35C are present at Patuxent River and are ready and waiting in the Part1 package:

jyai f35 Pax

This models feature a full external load of test laser guided bombs plus a gun pod and AMRAAMs as well as a clean airframe. This is the fully loaded CF-05 example:

jyai f35 CF 05

The same aircraft is seen in this screen shot making an arrested deck landing on board USS John F Kennedy:

jyai f35 arrested


Strike Fighter Squadron 101 (VF-101), the "Grim Reapers", is a United States Navy Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) based at Eglin AFB, Florida. The Part 1 package includes the 16 aircraft of the squadron as listed in the “Scramble” database in November 2017. Here are two screen shots of the operations in Jamie Mayo’s scenery of Eglin AFB:

jyai f35 Eglin 1

jyai f35 Eglin 2

VFA-125 Lemoore NAS

Strike Fighter Squadron 125 (VFA-125), "Rough Raiders", is a United States Navy strike fighter squadron based at Naval Air Station Lemoore, California. The "Rough Raiders" form the second FRS after VFA-101, flying 5 F-35C’s according to the “Scramble” database as of November 2017. The existing MAIW scenery of Lemoore will accommodate the F-35C’s easily:

jyai f35 Lemoore 1

jyai f35 Lemoore 2


All of the F-35C’s that are listed in the “Scramble” database as of November 2017 are included in the Part 1 package. This includes the 6 F-35C’s of VX-9 at Edwards AFB California:

jyai f35 Edwards

A scenery option for the aircraft is unfortunately, quite limited. “Proximo” on the MAIW forum, produced a very detailed but frame rate hungry “in progress” scenery of Edwards two years ago, but he has not posted since. However the download link to his work in his Edwards thread is still active.

 We hope you will enjoy these new AI models. Part 1: F-35C's for FS9 is now available in our Download Hangar.