Barksdale Air Force Base

Spreading your holiday cheer this year with a model that has been long awaited, we bring you the mighty B-52 and Barksdale AFB for your virtual skies!

Older than every single pilot who flies her today, the legendary 'BUFF' soldiers on as a workhorse for the United States Air Force. Having seen combat in multiple campaigns spanning decades, this mighty aircraft is a legend in its own right.

Military AI Works presents our Barksdale AFB package featuring the B-52H model by the team of Mike Pearson, Jake Burrus and Mike MacIntyre. With accurate aircraft textures by Mike Pearson and a stunning recreation of Barksdale AFB by John Stinstrom, this package presents the largest BUFF base in the world with multiple model variations and animated scenery that will bring this strategic base to life. Download this long awaited package today!