Changes to conversion packages

We have updated our F-16 and P-3 conversion packages with some changes, paving the way for more aircraft and texture conversion packages coming your way soon. One of the changes affects flightplans, which are now conveniently packaged in a separate download.

The F-16 package received a completely new FDE created by "Magic" Mike MacIntyre, solving many issues with Henry's original FDE set such as better take-off and landing roles and improved VFR patterns. Mike also worked on an improved afterburner effect, preventing the big ball of fire in P3D.

The P-3 package also got an update to the aircraft.cfg file, removing references to the smoke effects for P3D users.

Both packages also saw their big traffic files removed in favour of a new way to distribute the flightplans from our legacy MAIW packages. Staff member Steve "Firebird" Holland is reformatting all our flightplans and releasing them in a new convenient combined flightplans package. The first version of this package is now live and focusses on the MAIW packages that include F-16 and P-3 traffic, but we're going to release an update later that adds the traffic files from every MAIW package ever released. The documentation included in the new flightplans packages explains why and how we're making changes to the traffic files and is definitely worth a read. It also explains our new methodology of splitting all traffic files on unit or squadron level.

The updated aircraft conversion packages and the new flightplan package can all be found in their dedicated corner of our Download Hangar.