For almost a decade now, Military AI Works has taken the lead in promoting and producing freeware miitary AI traffic addons for flight simulator. If you want to help us, now is the time!

Thousands of hours have gone into creating our packages and supporting the military AI traffic community and we plan to invest thousands more. We have always given our time to you for free and don't worry, we will keep doing this for as long as we can. However, maintaining a website as large as ours costs money. Our recent server move also set us back a little and while we have always had the luck of charitable team members paying the bills, we appreciate any help we can get.

Our "Quo Vadis" survey learned that 67% of the respondents were willing to contribute financially. If everyone with the means to do so contributed something to our cause, our little community would be self-sufficient for years to come! Every cent goes to paying for our server, domain and licenses for security and other apps on our website.

Now don't worry if your financial situation doesn't permit sparing a few dollars or euros; MAIW is and will be there for every military AI enthusiast. Contributing is completely on voluntary basis.

If you can and want to help, please use the paypal donate button in the right column on our website's front page. You can also set up a recurring donation if you want. Thanks!