FSX/P3D Conversion Packages

We are proud to bring you our first small steps in converting our large legacy of miltary AI packages towards FSX and P3D. Now available in the hangar are downloads for the HTAI F-16's and JAI P-3's with every texture ever released in our official packages.

The packages contain the models from Henry and Jake, converted to FSX by the team of Gavin Cole, Graham Eccleston and Tony RD. The converted models should give you better frame rates in FSX and display correctly in P3Dv4.

Together with the converted models, this package also contains converted textures for all F-16 and P-3 paints that were ever released by MAIW as part of our packages. The textures are converted to the DDS format with DXT5 compression and mipmaps for the best possible performance.

If you don't have any or all MAIW packages installed, we have also included converted flightplans for your convenience.

Thanks to all the modelers, coders, painters, flightplanners and to Martin Gossmann for putting it all together. Stay tuned for a similar HTAI C-130 package coming soon!

The F-16 package is very large. You can help us save bandwith by choosing the "Google Drive" download option on the download details page. Thanks!