Guardians of Giza

Military AI Works presents the Block 52+ F-16s of the Egyptian Air Force. Egypt is the 4th largest operator of F-16s in the world and recently accepted 20 of these advanced versions of the F-16 to supplement its already formidable force of Vipers. This latest batch of F-16s were delivered under the Peace Vector VII foreign military assistance program after several pauses due to political unrest and several military coups in Egypt.

Sixteen single seat Block 52+ C models and four “Big Spine” two seat Block 52+ D models make up this latest batch of aircraft which are currently based at Cairo West Airfield in the suburbs of Cairo. All of the aircraft were delivered without conformal fuel tanks which were added to some of the aircraft once in country. The use of CFTs increases the aircraft’s range and has allowed these aircraft to participate in airstrikes against terrorist targets in neighboring Libya.

This package features all 20 aircraft in their normal military gray paint scheme as well as the unique Egyptian high vis orange schemes used for visual identification. Included are 13 C model variants and 4 D model variants along with live and inert weapons textures and the original non-compressed aircraft textures. These models are only tested and meant for use in FS2004.

The Guardians of Giza are now available in the Download Hangar, together with a community package featuring an AFD file for Cairo West, voicepack mods and flightplans.