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Ever wondered how you can give something back to our wonderful AI community while you can't model a cube or write a simple 2-leg flightplan? Today is your day: our yearly hosting renewal is coming up and we need every help we can get to keep the lights on. Donate today!

Our forums are bursting with activity and 19 pages of new downloads were added to our already massive military AI traffic library in the Download Hangar last year. Since the hangar went up in 2015, we've already surpassed half a million downloads. But bringing all this through the wonders of the internet into your home does come with a price, quite literally. At the moment of writing, we're about 200 EUR (240 USD) short on cash for our next hosting renewal in February.

Please help us stay online for another year and make a donation by using the app on our home page, which will lead you to our PayPal account. If you leave your MAIW username in the comments, you will also get the special "MAIW Donor" title on the forums.

Many thanks from all of us here at Military AI Works.