January Community Update

The last few weeks and months, the MAIW forums and Download Hangar have been bursting with activity from both MAIW developers and community members. We know it's hard to keep informed about every thread and development, so here are some highlights from the recent months!


Let's start off with one of our master modelers: John Young. The pace and quality of his work is astounding! We had to pleasure to welcome his brand new P-8A Poseidon model to our hangar today, presented as a complete AI package with models, paints, flightplans, scenery and everything else to immediately activate this long anticipated new AI model in your sim. John has made a habit out of releasing his new models as complete packages and done the same for his other recent work: the B-36 Peacemaker, B737 AEW&C Wedgetail and P-180 Avanti, all released in less than two months! If you haven't checked them out already, make sure you pay our hangar a visit. You won't be dissapointed

Other Packages

We've seen two other very impressive packages in the recent month to which we'd like to draw your attention. Brent Newman and Joe Bowers have recreated KPIE St. Pete-Clearwater in high detail with paints for the local US Coast Guard Units. Giorgio Perotti, one of our in-house devs has created a big update package for our earlier Italian work. Check out "Italian Air Force Revised" in the hangar.



One scenery project that we absolutely have to mention is Ian McCartney's EGUL RAF Lakenheath scenery. It is honestly one of the best, if not thé best military scenery ever created. And it's totally free! Go download it now and you won't be disappointed. Make sure you have our RAF Lakenheath package installed, updated with John Young's F-15's and Blackhawks to see the base truely come to life.

Because Ian seems to believe that only one breathtaking, free scenery isn't enough, he has added a retro version of EGUA RAF Upper Heyford in the mix as well. Thank you Ian!


And of course, there is much, much more going on in our community. New repaints, flightplans and other bits are being added daily and we want to thank everyone who has shared his work with all of us. Please never stop.

Can't paint or flightplan but you still want to contribute? Or you just want to show your appreciation for what we do and help keeping the Home Base of Military AI open? Please consider sending a small donation our way with the donate app on our front page. Every cent helps.

Oh and here's an image from Ian's RAF Lakenheath scenery. No, that's not a photo. Yes, that's a screenshot. ;)