July Community Update

Here's our next community update with the latest major news from our website and forums. July was a slow month for the Download Hangar, but that doesn't mean devs have been idle all month. Read all about it here!

A decade of military AI

We've been working hard behind the scene to get you something worthy for our tenth anniversary. That's right. August will mark the tenth year since this website was created and military AI traffic became more than just a niche product in the AI traffic community. We have ten packages rolling off the production line while you're reading this so stay tuned for more news in the coming days and weeks!


Our model devs have been working hard on finishing two much anticipated models for our tenth anniversary. John Young's V-22 Osprey model will fly into your sims very soon and the team of Mike Guenthner and Kevin Reed are putting the last hand to their first of many F-16 model variations.

There have also been two new exciting model announcements with Miljan Korac working on an EC725 Caracal conversion of his Puma model and John Young making good progress on a brand new P-8A Podeidon with an option on a Boeing 737 AEW&C Wedgetail conversion.

All progress can be followed in their respective threads on our forums.



Stunning release and preview screenshots were posted on our forums last month for a few fantastic scenery projects by MSPG Simulations and ex-ACG developers.

RAF Valley

MSPG Simulations released their RAF Valley scenery for FSX/P3D on their website, the perfect addon for our own MAIW RAF Valley Hawks package. You can download the exe installer or manual install package on their website.

RAF Lakenheath

Absolutely gorgeous screenshots posted by Ian from Airfield Construction Group show the latest progress on his RAF Lakenheath scenery for FSX/P3D. You can follow his progress in this thread on our forums. Ian is aiming for a Christmas release.


RAF Gütersloh

A progress report on the ACG RAF Gütersloh scenery was posted by Manfred - also ex-ACG -  on the forums with the good news that the project is still alive. Read the full announcement in this thread and have your breath taken away by his preview screenshots.


Check out the AI Repaints section on our forums for a large number of updates by Mark "Tranquil", one of our resident painters. Many of his threads contain links to his OneDrive where the paints can be downloaded.

Latest Uploads

A slow month for the Download Hangar with only a handful uploads. Some much deserved vacation for our community developers, perhaps? In any case, it's the quality that counts and as always it's top notch!

Aircraft Repaints

Repaint Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum - Russian AF Kursk Air Base (SBAI) by John Tennent


Scenery KVPS Eglin Air Force Base - United States USAF by Jamie Mayo

Scenery KPAM Tyndall AFB - United States USAF by Jamie Mayo & John Tennent

Many thanks to all developers for their contributions! Stay tuned for more news about out tenth anniversary event.

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