June Community Update

Hi and welcome to the MAIW June Community Update! We'll endeauvour to give you a wrap-up every month of major projects going on here at the home of military AI traffic.

A decade of miltary AI

It is hard to believe for many of us who have been here from the beginning and before, but we're approaching our tenth anniversary. That's right, next August it will be ten years since our forums opened and we started producing full scale military AI traffic packages for flight simulator. We're discussing behind the curtain how we can celebrate this memorable moment so stay tuned!

New models

While Mike Guenthner and Kevin Reed are continuing the hard work on their new F-16 model, Miljan Korac uploaded his finished MKAI Yak-130 AI model to the Download Hangar for your enjoyment. John Young on his side has released his Japanese JYAI Kawasaki C-1/EC-1 models and announced yet another exciting project with the JYAI V-22 Osprey. The V-22 is one of the most requested models by the community, but "probably the most complicated aircraft I’ve built so far, certainly in terms of animation", John said. A small team is already busy producing paints, flightplans and modified scenery to bring the V-22 to your sim. You can follow his progress in this forum thread.


Screenshot Contest

Due to the extremely underwhelming response, both in contestants and votes, the Spring '16 contest will probably the first and last one for now. We would like to congratulate Mark "Tranquil" Beale again for his stunning shot and have rewarded his excellent community spirit with a voucher for a purchase of his choice at The Flightsim Store. Read more about the winning screenshot here.

Latest Uploads

Our Download Hangar keeps breaking download records and has seen the following new files since our last update. (An a sidenote: we will discontue the weekly latest uploads news item because it's hard to keep up with our limited community team.)

Many thanks to all contributors for sharing their work with the community!

Official ACG Scenery

ACG RAF Coningsby for FSX by Ian McCartney
ACG RAF Mona for FS9 by Stephen Legg
ACG RAF Mona for FSX by Stephen Legg

Complete AI Packages

Package Z28T Tsoying - RoCN S-70C(M) Thunderhawks by Brent Newman

Aircraft Models

AI Kawasaki T-4 - JASDF (JYAI) by John Young
AI Kawasaki C-1/EC-1 - JASDF (JYAI) for FS9 by John Young
AI Kawasaki C-1/EC-1 - JASDF (JYAI) for FSX by John Young
AI Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten (MKAI) by Miljan Korac

Aircraft Repaints

Repaint Beechcraft King Air 350 - UkSATSE UR-CWA & UR-CWB (JYAI) by United Traffic Team
Repaint EADS HC-144 Ocean Sentry - US Coast Guard (AIVer) by Graham King (reupload)
Repaint Hawker Hunter, IAI Kfir & Aero L-39 - ATAC (MPAI/JYAI/MGAI) for FS9 by Dan Hult
Repaint Hawker Hunter, IAI Kfir & Aero L-39 - ATAC (MPAI/JYAI/MGAI) for FSX by Dan Hult
Repaint Ilyushin Il-78 Midas - Pakistani AF (RATS) by Dan Hult
Repaint Various Fixed Wing Aircraft - Pakistan Navy Heavies by Dan Hult
Repaint Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - Heritage Package (JYAI) for FS9 by Dan Hult
Repaint Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - Heritage Package (JYAI) for FSX by Dan Hult
Repaint Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten - ROKAF Aerobatic Team Black Eagles T-50B (MKAI) by MINS
Repaint Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten - Belarus AF (MKAI) by Jogn Tennent
Repaint Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II - USAF Luke AFB (MGAI) by Stephen Phillips
Repaint Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten - Russian AF (MKAI) by Miljan Korac
Repaint Lockheed C-130 Hercules - RAF '50 Years in RAF Service' (HTAI) by Mark Beale (Tranquil)

Aircraft Paint Kits

Paintkit Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten (MKAI) by Miljan Korac

AFD Files

AFD FAxx - Southern Africa Various Afcads by John Tennent


Flightplan Iran AF (IRIAF) - F-4E Phantom II (MPAI) by Thomas Arnold
Flightplan US Coast Guard - Various AI Traffic by Adam


Scenery RJNN Nagoya Komaki Air Base - Japan JASDF by Brent Newman
Scenery RODE Ie Shima Aux Airfield - Japan USMC by Brent Newman
Scenery KGRF Gray Army Air Field - United States US Army by Aileronflap

MKAI Yak 130

Thanks for reading! More community news next month.