JYAI C-130 "Specials"

What started as a project of limited scope to build some of the specially equipped C-130 Hercules examples in service today soon broadened out into quite a comprehensive collection of models and paints featuring a large variety of types. John Young’s new models are all now available for our users to enjoy.

The new JYAI C-130 collection comprises 25 C-130 types in 12 packages, plus 3 additional paint contributions from fellow designers here at MAIW. John’s intention at the outset was to concentrate on the more unusual of the C-130 types such as the gun ships (AC), the Special Operations (MC) aircraft and the Electronic Counter Measures (EC) examples, but “mission creep” as it often does, has produced much more in terms of older models and in more varied roles across the population. Please read on for an overview of what’s available.

Perhaps the most interesting package is that for Hurburt Field that comprises detailed scenery from Brent Newman to accommodate the new JYAI AC-130U, AC-130J gunships and MC-130H Combat Talon II’s. Also utilized are the existing JYAI CV-22B Osprey models with re-paints by Brent and the U-28A models from AIG, again re-painted by Brent.

Many of the packages feature the tanker versions of the C-130 (KC-130) for a number of nations and services, including the United States Air Force and The United States Marine Corp:

These models feature hoses and drogues that deploy at any flight plan altitude between 5000ft and 20,000ft when the aircraft is in level flight so that users can practice mock refueling.

The Electronic Countermeasures (EC-130H and EC-130 J) variants are interesting too, with the two different antenna arrays on the tail, in addition of course to the airframe and engine differences:

Other specialised examples include the MC-130J’s at Mildenhall in the UK and Kadena Japan, while US Coast Guard examples have been produced for Elizabeth City and the “Hurricane Hunters” at Keesler, both bases being in the USA:


The standard airlifter versions, including the stretched C-130J-30 have been produced too, including aircraft for Keesler, USA and Yokota, Japan:

The Canadian package is one of the most varied with 5 different variants - CC-130J’s, CC-130H-30’s and 3 short bodied variants:

Two other packages feature all the C-130’s currently in service in Italy (Aeronautica Militare) and the Royal Air Force at Brize Norton. Mins in South Korea has provided a paint package for the 4 C-130J-30 in use by his county, while Brent Newman has produce US Navy and additional Japanese examples.

In addition to the base models, model variations have also been produced in each package that, for example, have a choice of doors open or closed when parked to give variation on a flight line, fuel tanks/no fuel tanks and refuelling probes/no probes.

The new C-130’s are available in the MAIW Download Hangar for FS9 and for FSX/P3Dv4. The best way to find them is to search “JYAI C-130”. In summary, users should find the following packages at the time of writing:

  • Canadian Air Force – CC-130J-30, C-130H, CC-130H73 (C-130E), CC-130 H84, CC-130HT
  • Davis Monthan USA - HC-130J, EC-130H
  • Elizabeth City USA – HC-130J USCG
  • Italian Air Force – C-130J,C-130J-30, KC-130J
  • Iwakuni Japan – KC-130J and Harvest Hawk
  • Harrisburg USA – EC-130J
  • Hurlburt Field USA – AC-130J, AC-130U, MC-130H
  • Keesler USA – C-130J-30, WC-130J-30
  • Kadena Japan – MC-130J, MC-130H
  • Mildenhall UK – MC-130J
  • Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force – C-130R (Brent Newman)
  • Republic of Korea – C-130J-30 (Mins)
  • Royal Air Force – C4 and C5
  • US Navy – C-130T (Brent Newman)
  • Yokota Japan – C-130J-30

A comprehensive paint kit has also been uploaded to enable users to paint further examples as they wish and we look forward to even more examples using the new models.