JYAI UH-72A Lakotas

John Young released his long anticipated Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota AI package to our Download Hangar, breaking another boundary in the AI world with special hover taxi animations on these skidded helicopters.

The Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota is a twin-engine helicopter derived from the Eurocopter EC145 and built by American Eurocopter, now a division of the Airbus Group. The helicopter was selected as the winner of the United States Army's Light Utility Helicopter program in June 2006, with a production contract for 345 aircraft to replace ageing UH-1H/V and OH-58A/C helicopters in the US Army and Army National Guard fleets.5 aircraft are also in use by the US Navy Test pilot’s School.

This package contains 3 model variations in use by the US Army, plus the 5 US Navy examples. The basic airframe with representative external equipment has also been modified to produce an example of a police helicopter for re-painters who might want to produce any of the large variety of this type in existence around the world.

jyai lakota 3

An EC145 model with the encapsulated Fenestron tail rotor is included with variations (H145M) for Luftwaffe Special Forces. The Fenestron model has also been used to produce an example of a UK Air Ambulance, again for re-painters to use as they wish.

All of the FS9 and FSX models feature hover-taxi animation combined with an animated lift on take-off. Some FS9 models have opening rear clam-shell doors, but although possible, this feature couldn’t really be included for FSX models because of the way hover-taxi operates in that sim version.

jyai lakota 4

Scenery and flight plans for the US Army UH-72A examples at Fort Polk, Louisiana, plus associated landing zones are also included in the package courtesy of Brent Newman. Brent has also produced some very nice scenery and flight plans for the Luftwaffe H145Ms at Laupheim airfield, Germany.

We are grateful to Hartwig Ullrich who has updated his scenery and flight plans to accommodate the US Navy Lakota’s at Patuxent River, Florida. The files are included in this package.

Separate packages are available in FS9 and FSX native code in the MAIW Download Hangar or via the following links:


jyai lakota 2