MAIW Christmas time is coming

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday 14th, we will release one FSX/P3D Conversion Pack every day until December, 31st.

The MAIW FSX/P3D conversion project started 10. January 2018 with the release of the HTAI F-16. Arno Gerretsen's ModelConverterX had introduced the possibility to convert beloved aircraft of the FS9 era into the world of FSX/P3D. This generated a lot of expectations and demand - the number of aircraft on our conversion list grew scary large.

It was no small task to gather all the approvals of the original modelers and painters to convert their aircraft. But we have never been denied, and say "thankee-sai" for this.

Today this list has been worked through with the exception of very few aircraft. We have released 205 packages , which you have downloaded - no kidding - 246.196 times in total. So this is a good opportunity to say thank you to the people who have obtained the knowledge and invested countless hours into this project.

19 people, alone or in teams, have converted aircraft in the last four years. This is to say 'thank you' in the name of MAIW and on behalf of the community.

AIA Team
AIG Team
Andrew Thomsen
Antonio V
Bernd Doujak
Daniel Reeves
Dean Crawford
Dmitriy Borisovich Stefanon
Garry Lewis
Gavin Cole
Graham Eccleston
Henk Schuitemaker
Holger Litzenberg
Jean Claude Drockur
Reggie Chitwood
Tom Arnold
Tony Rodriguez

We wish you a peaceful and refreshing upcoming Christmas time. And most of all - stay safe!