MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects

Life just got a lot easier with the standalone release of the MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects. You can get them now from the Download Hangar.

All official MAIW packages that included scenery until now also came with one or more "global" scenery libraries. These libraries were donated to us or created in-house to offer the team generic buildings that could be placed in several different sceneries to represent the real object. Many different versions of these libraries were offered over time in our packages and it is not always clear which package includes the most up-to-date version of which library. We have also learned that many objects were actually missing textures or that some included textures weren't even used.

On top of that, we didn't anticipate that these libraries would become immensely popular with "third party" scenery makers. Take Brent Newman's recent Japanese bases for example, dominating the top 10 of most downloaded files in our hangar. They make heavy use of several of these global libraries and until today you had to hunt for them in multiple MAIW packages.

Another problem we faced is that with recent versions of P3D, objects that were compiled for FS9 no longer show up. This forced us to start thinking about recompiling all our objects for FSX so that they would be compatible with all more recent sim versions.

Today, we present you our standalone releases of all global libraries, conveniently packed in simple installers and containing the latest versions with many fixes. For FSX (and P3D), we have recompiled all objects and converted all textures to native DDS format. It was a long process to get these libraries to you and we thank all MAIW team members who helped, together with all scenery modellers who gave us the go-ahead.

Please read the included readme before you start installing. It also contains a list of all included libraries. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to come visit us in the support forums.