MATRIX Preview

It's time to look at the future. It's time to get excited! Military AI Works presents MATRIX, a brand new military AI traffic installation app in development for Prepar3d v4.

Military AI Traffic Installer Xtreme, or MATRIX in short, is an application developed in house by MAIW and currently in internal beta testing. Its goal is to make the installation of our large military AI traffic collection extremely easy. Instead of downloading and extracting hundreds of individual MAIW packages, MATRIX just needs a couple of clicks and takes care of everything for you.

At the same time, we're sling shooting our legacy packages designed for FS9 into the modern flightsimming age. All included aircraft, textures, traffic files, airfields and scenery will be fully compatible with the most stable flight simulation platform available at this moment: Prepar3D v4. In fact MATRIX will only be compatible with P3Dv4, making full use of its advanced features.

The app will give access to large military AI traffic packages grouped into regions that can be installed with a few clicks. These packages contain the content of all our legacy packages (minus disbanded units) plus a nice amount of traffic from third party developers. We have plans to offer regular updates to all regions, fixing bugs and adding even more military AI traffic to your sims. The first release of MATRIX will offer the regions Africa, Oceania and South America while Asia, Europe and North America will follow later. Naturally, the included aircraft will initially be limited to the ones that are compatible with P3Dv4, but the regions will be updated when new models become available.

MATRIX is now being tested internally, but we want to open the beta to a larger group soon. If you're interested in beta testing, we'll make a thread on our forums where you can leave a comment.

We hope you are as excited as we are! More details will follow soon.