Matrix reaches 90% conversion rate

A big milestone was reached with the latest Matrix region updates: 90% of all the traffic in our legacy MAIW packages has now been converted to P3Dv4!

Last week we released major updates for Africa, Europe and North America, containing a significant number of new AI model and texture conversions. With every update, we come one step closer to full P3Dv4 compatibility of our legacy MAIW packages, which were originally designed for FS9. In fact, we can now proudly announce that Matrix has reached the 90% conversion rate milestone! That means that from all the traffic that was available through the legacy MAIW packages in FS9, 9 out of 10 aircraft can now also be found when installed with Matrix in P3Dv4.

Below is the tally per region. It shows the total number of individual aircraft (minus any disbanded units) and the number of converted aircraft available in Matrix.

Region Original Available %(c)
Africa 174 174 100%
Asia 1839 1479 80%
Europe 2712 2442 90%
North America 5725 5363 94%
Oceania 156 156 100%
South America 76 69 91%
  10682 9683 91%

And there is more good news: our conversion team has shifted into an even higher gear and has focused on any remaining aircraft models. The current prognosis is that after the next round of region updates, we'll be at 95% conversion rate!

What's more, thanks to the many non-official packages that are also being integrated into the regions, Matrix now offers more traffic than what you would get in FS9 by downloading all 300+ individual MAIW packages! Many users still fear losing all their traffic when finally leaving FS9 behind after more than 16 years, but there has never been a better time to make the switch to P3Dv4.

The only downside of so much traffic is that you'll see a significant increase in sim startup time, which can easily take 10 minutes or more. So after double-clicking that P3Dv4 icon on your desktop, go make a nice cup of tea and everything will be ready by the time you get back. :-) Save that cup of tea for when you're waiting in line at the holding due to all your new military AI traffic buzzing in the pattern!

Military AI Traffic Installer Xtreme, or Matrix for short, is a complete auto-installer for military AI traffic from Military AI Works for Prepar3D v4. All traffic ever released in MAIW packages, plus some additional traffic from third party developers, can be downloaded, installed and kept up-to-date using a modern user interface. The traffic is divided in six regional packages. You can choose which ones you want to install. Interested in Matrix? Check out the release announcement or get the app from our Download Hangar.