Matrix Release

Military AI Works is proud to present "Matrix", a completely automatic military AI traffic installer for P3Dv4.

Matrix is an installable application to manage your military AI traffic setup with just a few clicks. It allows you to install all the converted traffic from our legacy FS9 packages and more right into P3Dv4.

The traffic is divided into six regions representing the six inhabited continents, plus a global package containing elements required by all regional packages. With Matrix you can install any region you like or all of them and keep them up-to-date when we push package updates to our server, all with a few simple clicks in a handy user interface.

Thanks to the new add-on feature in P3Dv4, all traffic will be recognised automatically by the sim without the need to make any cfg changes, or the risk of overwriting your custom AI setup.

The "regions" tab in Matrix

This initial release comes with the regions Africa, Oceania and South America containing all P3Dv4 compatible aircraft models, textures, traffic files, airfields and scenery. You can see what units and airfields are included by clicking on every available continent. We're working hard to bring the other three regions to Matrix as quickly as possible, but they are considerably larger and take more time. In the meantime, why not visit some exotic locations in Algeria, Brazil or Australia? There's plenty to see already in this first release!

RAAF Williamtown, Australia (YWLM)

We plan to bring regular updates to the regions which can contain fixes, new aircraft model conversions or brand new traffic from one of our developers. Updating your regions will again just take a few simple clicks and Matrix will do all the hard work for you.

If you have any comments, issues or suggestions, we're going to open a dedicated forum section. Please let us know what you think.

Matrix is now available in our Download Hangar. Enjoy!

Boufarik Air Base, Algeria (DAAK)