New from John Young, is a collection of completely re-modelled AI A-10 Thunderbolt II’s for FS9, FSX and P3D, including P3Dv4. The aircraft will feature in a number of updated packages, starting with Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona by Brent Newman, which is now available for all 3 sim versions in the Download Hangar.

Both the A-10A and A-10C variants, in a variety of load-outs, have been produced. The incentive to build the new models stems from Ian Macartney’s magnificent retro scenery of RAF Alconbury in the UK that was home to the “A” variant. The scenery, which is nearing completion, is designed for P3Dv4 but will also work in FSX. However existing MAIW A-10 AI models will not work in P3Dv4. For that reason, true FSX/P3Dv4 native code examples were needed so that Ian can bring his scenery to life. John has also produced FS9 models of the “A” variant along the way, for users to deploy as they wish.

JYIA A10 Alconbury2 900

For present day AI use, the “C” variant in the familiar ghost grey paint scheme has also been covered extensively. Firstly to re-populate existing FS9 AI packages with more detailed examples and secondly, to enable their use in FSX and P3D including version 4.

To “seed” the second aim, some members of MAIW have been painting up the aircraft in the current liveries before adding them back into the existing packages and into new FSX/P3D ones. Where needed and where possible, the opportunity has also been taken to make existing scenery and flight plans compatible with FSX and P3D.

JYIA A10 Pair 900

Examples of the new and upcoming packages are Davis-Monthan (Brent Newman) Osan Republic of Korea (Han Min Cheol (Mins) and Selfridge ANG Michigan (John Young), shown respectively in the next three screen shots. Others will include Fort Wayne ANG Indiana and Nellis AFB Nevada.

JYIA A10 DM1 900

JYIA A10 Osan 900

JYIA A10 Selfridge 900

John says it’s been quite a pig of a project to manage with the number of model variations and paints/scenery variations x 3 sim versions, but it has certainly been an interesting one for an aircraft he has always wanted to model, but just needed a reason to do it.

Download the Davis-Monthan AFB packages now from our Download Hangar and stay tuned for more A-10's soon!

Link for FS9

Link for FSX/P3D