New website

We're proud to present the 4th version of our website, bigger, better and faster than ever before. This is one of the steps we're taking to navigate MAIW into the future.

The new website has a larger focus on introducing new users to Military AI Works. With new, exciting simulation platforms being released and MAIW taking steps to make our legacy packages compatible, new people are rolling into the flight sim hobby again and we want to give them a good idea of what we do here at MAIW just from having a look at our front page.

Briefings are our way to keep you posted on our latest developments. Have a look at this page now and then or follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds with direct links to new briefings.

Our immensely popular File Library is still here with better styling and other updates which should make finding files easier.

Interested in learning some new skills and maybe develop something yourself? Visit our Tutorials section. We have plans to add some new ones soon.

The Forums are the hive of this community. Come visit us with your questions, show what you're working on or just have a friendly chat about military AI traffic.

We hope you like the new Home Base of Freeware Military AI Traffic. See you around!