Preview of our first MSFS package

After a lot of teasing and cautious statements, we are proud to finally announce that we're now making good progress on our first MSFS AI traffic package featuring the JYAI F-35A at RAF Lakenheath!

John Young and Pete Beeby have worked tirelessly over the last couple of months to come up with a solid process to convert our backlog of FSX AI aircraft models to native MSFS. While the "proof of concept" part was done on the JYAI Tornado model, the first production ready model is the JYAI F-35A. And we must say it looks absolutely stunning in fully native MSFS glTF format with PBR texturing, as you can witness in the screenshot above.

We have now started integrating the model and textures into a first package, which will feature the F-35A's from the 495th fighter squadron at RAF Lakenheath. The package will complement Ian McCartney's superb RAF Lakenheath scenery, which will be updated by Ian to accommodate the AI traffic package. When the integration is complete, we still need to run an internal beta test but we expect a release in the coming weeks.

We hope you're as excited as we are about this first release. More details (and screenshots) are coming soon.

Note: all screenshots are of work in progress and may differ from the final product.