Region Asia Now Available

A new update for Matrix is out, bringing the app to version 1.1.0. This version includes some fixes and new features, but above all it makes the Asian region available for installation!

Among the new features, the most important changes are on the settings tab where a new button was added to change your package installation path (under certain conditions) and a new "airfield status" section was added to manage which airfields you want to have active in Matrix. Please check the manual before you try them out.

The most important change in v1.1.0 however is the availability of the Asian region on the regions tab. With just a few clicks, you will add a ton of new traffic to your P3Dv4 from this exotic continent.

Contrary to the original three regions (Africa, Oceania and South America), Asia doesn't include airfield scenery for every airfield ever released. This region is quite a bit bigger than the previous ones and it will take some time until all airfields are converted, so expect more with future updates.

Here are some overview shots from some of the airfields already included in this release:

LTAU Erkilet, Turkey

RJNG Gifu, Japan

RKSO Osan, Republic of Korea

You can update Matrix to v1.1.0 with the in-app autoupdater, or download the app from our Download Hangar if you're new to Matrix.

This leaves only Europe and North America to be released. Watch this space for more news coming soon.