Region North America Now Available

We're excited to bring the last of the six Matrix regions to Prepar3d v4 and it is a huge one. Welcome to North America!

The next time you start Matrix you will get an update notification to bring Matrix to version 1.3.0. Once this upgrade is complete, North America will become available on the regions tab. If you don't have Matrix yet, download the latest version from our Download Hangar.

This is a huge region with 83 aircraft folders containing 6.127 aircraft textures, so make sure you have enough space on your Windows drive AND your P3Dv4 drive if they are different. We recommend at least 10GB of free space on each.

We have also included 23 different airfields to get things started and are working hard to bring more with future updates. For an overview of what is included in this region, check the region readme.

Now that all regions are out, we will start adding more content to all of them. If you're a developer and looking to add your content to the Matrix regions, we'll have some instructions for you soon.

If you have any questions, come visit us in the dedicated Matrix support forum. Enjoy North America!