SAC Retro Trio Completes the JYAI B-Bomber Line

The retro scene here at the Home Base of Military AI is about to have a busy weekend with the latest addition to the JYAI line up of retro B-Series bombers: the B-58 Hustler!

With the preceding releases of the B-47 Stratojet and B-36 Peacemaker, this trio of post war SAC bombers is an iconic addition to the long line of famous AI American bombers that John started with the B-17 some 6years ago.  It was only after the overcoming of obstacles to building the huge B-36, that the far-end of the line-up was completed.


From front to back: B-17, B-24, B-26, B-26, B-29, B-36, B-47, B-57 and B-58. Note the absence of a B-1 and B-52. These were not built because the aircraft were already available in MAIW packages. Although John has also built the FB-111, he considered it outside the spirit of the B-XX series to include in the line. All of the aircraft are available in FS9 and FSX native code in the MAIW Download Hangar.

The 3 retro SAC packages also contain flight plans and scenery to accommodate the aircraft.

Accompanying sceneries comprise Macdill AFB, Florida for the B-47s, plus two retro sceneries of Carswell AFB Texas (1953 and 1962) for the B-36’s and B-58’s respectively, the second two, courtesy of Brent Newman:

Macdill 47

Carswell 36

Carswell 58

The 3 retro SAC packages, for FS9 and FSX, are available from the Download Hangar using these links:

B-36 (FS9)

B-36 (FSX)

B-47 (FS9)

B-47 (FSX)

B-58 (FS9)

B-58 (FSX)