South Carolina ANG Block 52 F-16's

MAIW is proud to present the USAF Block 52 F-16CM and F-16DM AI model for FS2004. This series of AI models is the first release of the Block 52 version of the USAF’s F-16CM and F-16DM aircraft.

The Block 52 F-16 is a Pratt and Whitney powered Viper that specializes in the role of suppressing and destroying enemy air defenses through the use of the HARM missile system. This release features models and textures for all 25 F-16’s currently assigned to the 157th Fighter Wing “Swamp Foxes” based at McEntire Joint National Guard Base in South Carolina. The unit is one of two Air National Guard units that specializes in the SEAD role. As a result they are also one of the first units to have their aircraft painted in the latest version of the ‘Have Glass’ paint scheme which is designed to make the aircraft harder to detect on radar. This release features a mix of the new Have Glass 5 paint schemes along with the traditional F-16 two tone gray scheme.

This release is meant to be a direct ‘drop in’ replacement for the AI models originally released in the MAIW McEntire JNGB package by Desmond Burrell release in 2015. For instructions on how to replace the old models with the new ones in this release, please follow the installation instructions included in the Readme file.

Along with new AI models, we have also included a replacement AI traffic file that allows the direct replacement of the original models from the MAIW McEntire JNGB package. If you wish to keep using that package with these new models, simply replace the original traffic file from that package with the new one included in this release.

Find the link to the package in our Download Hangar here. Enjoy!

maiw scang 2