Spring '16 Screenshot Contest

Hey military AI traffic fans! After a long break from our popular Hot Shots, we're back with a brand new screenshot contest. At the start of every season, we'll hold a themed contest for the best military AI traffic screenshots, taken by you, chosen by you! Spring '16 takes us to Japan.

Here are the rules for the this season:

  1. Your screenshot must be taken in Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X or Prepar3d.
  2. The main subject of your screenshot must be one or more Japanese military/government AI aircraft, or one or more AI aircraft from a foreign unit that is based in Japan.
  3. Your screenshot may not be edited, other than cropping and resizing.
  4. Your screenshot must be at least 900 pixels wide.
  5. Your screenshot must be uploaded to a third party image host (such as or before posting the link here in [img] tags. No attachments!
  6. You may only start one thread in the special screenshot contest forum per user and per season. Your thread must be named "SP16 username". There is no limit on the amount of screenshots you post in your thread.
  7. This contest is open for all forum and MAIW Team members.

You can post your screenshots until Friday, 15th April 2016, after which you will be asked to choose one screenshot from your thread as your final candidate. We will then create a forum poll in which all forum members will be able to vote on their favourite screenshot.

Visit our forums and post your best shots. We're looking forward to seeing them!