Ten for Ten Part 3: USMC Ospreys

We continue John Young's amazing new AI V-22 Osprey series with the MV-22B's of the United States Marine Corps based at MCAS Miramar and Yuma. This is part three of our tenth anniversary celebrations.

This package uses the JYAI MV-22B AI Osprey models to represent 4 United States Marine Corps Squadrons: VMM-163, VMM-268 and VMM-764 at MCAS Miramar, California and VMX-1 at MCAS Yuma, Arizona. 36 aircraft are used in total. Each of the Miramar squadrons includes the CAG aircraft with tail artwork, plus 11 in standard low viz livery.

jyai v 22 usmc 2

The Osprey models are described in the accompanying manual in this package, which includes installation instructions and user options. Please read it to understand how they behave and to get the most out of them. The package also uses 3 sceneries and flight plans in the San Diego area – Miramar (KNKX), North Island (KNZY) and Imperial Beach (KNRS) plus Yuma (KYUM) over the mountains in Arizona. Some other packages are prerequisite for this to work so again, please read the included documentation carefully.

The package can be downloaded from the MAIW Download Hangar right here.

More Ospreys are coming soon in packages from Brent Newman together with 5 more other packages to complete our Ten for Ten anniversary release this month so keep coming back!

jyai v 22 usmc 3