Ten for Ten Part 5 : USMC HMX-1

Part five of our Ten for Ten releases brings another package managed by Brent Newman and the last one of the series including the new JYAI V-22 Osprey model: the United States Marine Corps HMX-1 Presidential Flight.

HMX-1 is the United States Marine Corps squadron tasked with providing helicopter mobility and support to the President of the United States anywhere in the world that he travels. HMX-1 is the largest and oldest helicopter squadron in the United States Marine Corps. The world famous white top helicopters fly the President and act as decoys while the green tops fly support staff, the Secret Service and the Press Corps.

hmx1 2

All current aircraft of HMX-1 are included in this package: the JYAI MV-22B,  theJYAI VH-60N with paints from Lewis Magruder and the VH-3D from Elvis enhanced by John Young again painted by Lewis. Several scenery addons represent the locations where these aircraft are stationed as far as security allows. Note that you'll need some extra libraries for these sceneries to work so, as always, read the included documentation carefully.

The package can be downloaded from our Download Hangar or via this link.

We're halfway our tenth anniversary release spree and conclude the V-22 packages on John Young's new model for now. Our next package takes us to continental Europe. Stay tuned!

hmx1 3