Tsuiki and Back Again

In mid 2011 a thread started on the MAIW forum promising "a series of JASDF bases".  Instead of sticking to the promise, it unleased a hazard flow of projects from all over the Japan Self Defense Force, the USAF, the USMC and seeminlgy any random source in Japan, drawing on work from an astounding number of creators.  Perhaps it is time to explain how it started and where it is going.

Several years ago I faced a terrible dilema.  Between Ray Parker, Graham King, Jason King, and Dexter Eadie a huge number of high quality paints representing the three branches of the Japan Self Defense Forces had been unleashed upon the flightsim world.  What was lacking at the time were places for any of these wonderful airplanes to live.  The choices for scenery in Japan in those days pretty much consisted of buying the payware Simmers Sky sceneries or using an assortment of files carried forward from Flightsim 2002.  Hope was not lost however, for MAIW released fantastic packages for Atsugi and Nyutabaru and MAIW developer Giacomo Gramazio (james84) offered up an outstanding rendition of Misawa.

RJFN Gate Guard

Unfortunately, indulging an addict's habit only makes it worse, and now, burning with a fevered need for more more more, I had a mission.  Graham King's F-2 paints were simply too good to not have a proper home. Tsuiki must have a scenery!  I set off armed with a fresh install of ADE9X, a handful of MAIW object libraries and not a single clue what so ever about what I was doing.  There was not a thing in the world that was going to stop me.  Certainly not the secret to getting rid of the pesky telephone poles that were poking through my early attempts at creating aprons.  Nor was I going to be foiled by autogen roads that wandered under my runways, or even not knowing why some of my taxiways looked like Pac Man had been biting chunks out of them.  These early problems all ended up being quickly solved by helpful insight from MAIW forum members and staff. Compared to those issues, discovering that all the buildings I had placed at my new scenery were mysteriously floating 3 feet off the ground no longer seemed so bad.

After Tsuiki, Jason King's T-7s seemed to be crying out that they also wanted a home, so emboldened by my computer not catching on fire due to my Tsuiki adventures, Hofu got a slightly more refined scenery.  And then, it was off to the races for real.  They say that time flies when you are having fun and that certainly has proven to be no lie.  If  the date stamps on the forum were removed, there would be no way you could convince me that the Self Defense Force project has been in progress for nearly five years now.  It seems that just a short time ago I was reading Mike G's SBuilder tutorial and learning how to vanquish the dreaded default airport polygon. In the time since the project was started we have seen exciting new renditions of Ray Parker's F-15J paints on brand new models, Mike Pearson created beautiful retro F-104Js and John Young rolled out his AI Kawasaki T-4 models.  More than two dozen sceneries have been created along with hundreds of new paints and flightplans, filling out Japan more than ever before .  I recently found myself back where I had started, with a whole new set of F-2 paints and a Tsuiki scenery that I wasn't happy with... My own old version.  I hope everyone likes the new version better than the old.

ashiya t 4s

So that's it.  We are done with the Self Defense Forces right?  After all, being almost five years into the project surely means that it must be about wrapped up right?  Well, not so much.  Shortly before I finished typing this, a package covering all of the UH-60Js flying for the Self Defense Forces was uploaded to the MAIW Download Hangar and John Young was putting the finishing touches on a model that had me bouncing like a giddy school boy, the US-2.  At last count there were fifty three military aviation facilities in Japan and we've seen twenty nine of them so far.  When you add in a long hisorty of special celebration and anniverary paint schemes in the Self Defense Force that have never been covered and offshoot projects like the Japanese Coast Guard, you find that there is still a huge amount of material left to cover.

US 2

So, before I wander off to take a try at the next shiny object to catch my attention in that large pile of tempting things remaining to do, I just wanted to make the observation that with all of the help, knowledge, resources and tools the MAIW community shares, the only thing that was keeping me from having my favorite airbases in FS9 was... well, me.   Don't let not trying be the reason why your favorites aren't in the sim.  And above all else, work on what makes you happy!

Brent Newman

2009 TAC Meet