Updated MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects

We have updated our immensely popular MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects packages with some fixes and now even more objects!

Version 20161114 is now available in our Download Hangar and fixes some corrupt GUIDs that crept up in the original release. But this is not just a bug fix release. On request of our forum community we have now added the remaining John Stinstrom scenery libraries that were released on Avsim as standalone packages a while ago, but never as part of our global objects. More specifically, the following libraries are now included in this release: Aircraft Shelters_JS, Cars_JS and EuroMil_Objects_JS.

We recommend that you scan your scenery folder for older versions of these libraries and disable the bgl files as they will no longer be required, as long as you place the MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects folder as low as possible so that it is loaded before any other scenery.

If all this is new to you and you want to know more about these packages, you can find the original release article here.

There is a version for FS9 and one for FSX that will also work in P3D. Go get them here.