USMC/JMSDF Air Station Iwakuni

Whoever thought only official MAIW packages were top-quality is greatly mistaken. Behold: the latest project from Brent Newman and John Young, two of our devs working in tandem to bring you USMC/JMSDF Air Station Iwakuni in Japan, complete with scenery and a few brand new AI models!

The United States Marine Corps Air Station, Japan is currently tasked with Marine pilot training and air patrol. It is home to a number of aircraft types, including the F/A-18 Hornet fighter-attack aircraft and C-130J Hercules in compliance with the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security obligations to protect Japan. The base is also shared with the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force flying Lockheed P-3 Orions and Shinmaywa US-1A and US-2 rescue amphibians.

iwakuni 1

This project is a complete package and is an update of the Iwakuni 2015 project previously released through the MAIW forums. It has been enhanced with custom objects to detail the harbor area, a new runway for helicopter AI use, a water runway for US-1s and US-2s to use and a patrolling AI destroyer.

iwakuni 2

The scenery is for FS9. It will not work satisfactorily in FSX because the library objects used are too frame-rate heavy when used in the latter version. More significantly, the coastline is drawn differently in FSX and the runway and harbour will be out of place.

iwakuni 4

The readme contains a lot more information about this amazing package, together with detailed instructions to get everything working correctly.

Many thanks to Brent and John for putting this together, and to all other devs who have contributed to this masterpiece!

iwakuni 6

Get the package now from our Download Hangar.