Yellowknife Airport (CYZF) FSX/P3D

CYZF is a project that I started almost 2 years ago after seeing another version being scrapped, I initially just wanted to make the more common buildings at the airport but after receiving an email from Skip (Model Designer) and him introducing me to Shane (All round Guru of Virtual Landscaping) we put together SSM and made a full scale project out of it,


S I M   S C E N E R Y   M A K E R S    P R E S E N T S:

Y E L L O W K N I F E  A I R P O R T  (C Y Z F) FSX/P3D


SSM who are we:

The Flight Simulator Landscapers:

Skip (Berwyn Goudey):   Model Designer / Researcher. Nova Scotia, Canada

Shane Strong:  Model Maker / Texture Artist / Terra-former, Guru, Exporter. Nova Scotia, Canada

Mark Beale:  Model Maker / Texture Artist/ Tech Adviser/Founder. Britain

A special thanks for the hosts of our software packages especially MAIW.


CYZF Canadian NORAD Region Forward Operating Location Yellowknife, is located south-west of the airstrip. It was built for forward deployment of the CF-18 Hornet in times of conflict. It also has a CC-138, of No.440 Transport Squadron RCAF permanently based at the airport for search and rescue missions.

Yellowknife Airport scenery is available to download here at MAIW please follow the below link.

Photo Scenery for the surronding area is available at the below link. 400mb!172&authkey=!AFnQl_Qw4KW2Zrk&ithint=file%2czip

Recommended Software:

This Scenery is designed for FSX and P3D V3.0 it has a dual installer for the airfield and a separated download and installer for the Photo Scenery.  We recommend using both.

This Airport was designed with FTX Global Vector and we recommend a program like this or UTX for coastlines. We have put in our own custom land class so keep this scenery above vector and Orbx products but under the Orbx libraries in your scenery config.

We did not do any local mesh so we did use a great freeware mesh which we recommend:

Recommended good Terrain Mesh for the area: FreeMeshX Global. Link is here.

I have placed some 3d people around the airport to see them install this package in your library: link is here.


Contact Information:

Feel free to post any comments on our Sim Scenery Makers Facebook page look there for further news and posts and to answer any questions.

For those without Facebook you can email Shane at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Anyone wanting a FS9 version made we will make our 3D sketchup models available to them, just contact us at the above.

Thanks go to:

We would like to thank The Yellowknife City Council for helping us on a couple of occasions :)

And thanks to our Beta Testers!

Designed on P3D, using FTX Global and Vector.

All 3D objects are done in Sketch up.


Please feel free to comment below, we would like to hear from you.