We are pleased to release the final part of a project featuring the Bell Cobra light attack helicopter. Earlier this month we uploaded 36 AH-1S Cobras of the JGSDF, including updated scenery of Akeno, Kasumigaura and Kisazaru from Brent Newman. This was followed by 20 AH-1F Cobras of the Republic of Korea Army, painted by Mins, who also designed  scenery and flight plans to operate them.

It's time to look at the future. It's time to get excited! Military AI Works presents MATRIX, a brand new military AI traffic installation app in development for Prepar3d v4.

We are pleased to release the last 4 parts of the 6 part F-35 series of packages – the first two parts, the F-35C’s, were released in December and January. The 4 new packages cover the F-35A, conventional take-off and landing and the F-35B with STOVL, SRVL, VTOL and Conventional flight models.