It's time to look at the future. It's time to get excited! Military AI Works presents MATRIX, a brand new military AI traffic installation app in development for Prepar3d v4.

We are pleased to release the last 4 parts of the 6 part F-35 series of packages – the first two parts, the F-35C’s, were released in December and January. The 4 new packages cover the F-35A, conventional take-off and landing and the F-35B with STOVL, SRVL, VTOL and Conventional flight models.

We have updated our F-16 and P-3 conversion packages with some changes, paving the way for more aircraft and texture conversion packages coming your way soon. One of the changes affects flightplans, which are now conveniently packaged in a separate download.

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We are going to make P3Dv4 users very happy soon with new converted aircraft models in FSX and/or P3Dv4 native format. As always we can't give you an exact release date, but it's not going to take much longer now for the next models to appear in our hangar. Stay tuned!