We have updated our F-16 and P-3 conversion packages with some changes, paving the way for more aircraft and texture conversion packages coming your way soon. One of the changes affects flightplans, which are now conveniently packaged in a separate download.

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We are going to make P3Dv4 users very happy soon with new converted aircraft models in FSX and/or P3Dv4 native format. As always we can't give you an exact release date, but it's not going to take much longer now for the next models to appear in our hangar. Stay tuned!

We're proud to present the 4th version of our website, bigger, better and faster than ever before. This is one of the steps we're taking to navigate MAIW into the future.

Military AI Works presents the Block 52+ F-16s of the Egyptian Air Force. Egypt is the 4th largest operator of F-16s in the world and recently accepted 20 of these advanced versions of the F-16 to supplement its already formidable force of Vipers. This latest batch of F-16s were delivered under the Peace Vector VII foreign military assistance program after several pauses due to political unrest and several military coups in Egypt.

We are proud to bring you our first small steps in converting our large legacy of miltary AI packages towards FSX and P3D. Now available in the hangar are downloads for the HTAI F-16's and JAI P-3's with every texture ever released in our official packages.

Ever wondered how you can give something back to our wonderful AI community while you can't model a cube or write a simple 2-leg flightplan? Today is your day: our yearly hosting renewal is coming up and we need every help we can get to keep the lights on. Donate today!

We are pleased to release the first part of an intended 6-part series of packages featuring new F-35 Lightning II models from John Young. The subject of the first release is the F-35C for FS9 with both conventional and carrier options. Steve Holland has kindly taken on the FDE design for the models in all 6 parts.

Military AI Works presents the Desert Falcons of the United Arab Emirates Air Force. Known as the Block 60 F-16E and F models, these Desert Falcons are the most advanced F-16s in the world and unique to the UAE Air Force. All 80 aircraft are currently based at Al Dhafra Air Base located south of Abu Dabi.