MAIW is proud to present the USAF Block 50 F-16CM and F-16DM AI model for FS2004. The Block 50 F-16 is a General Electric powered Viper that specializes in the role of suppressing and destroying enemy air defenses through the use of the HARM missile system. This release features models and textures for all 22 F-16’s currently assigned to the 148th Fighter Wing “Bulldogs” based at Duluth International Airport in Minnesota.

Military AI Works is proud to present the Misawa Air Base Package featuring the brand new WSMG F-16C/D models! This freeware AI package contains everything needed to activate the USAF components for Misawa Air Base in FS2004.

The last few weeks and months, the MAIW forums and Download Hangar have been bursting with activity from both MAIW developers and community members. We know it's hard to keep informed about every thread and development, so here are some highlights from the recent months!

Military AI Works is (in)famous for sticking to the FS9 platform for its packages. While we have our reasons to do so, it means that a bit of work is involved for our FSX and P3D users to get things working properly. Being a P3D user myself, this dev blog is a guide to my personal conversion methods.

This package is designed to update the excellent MAIW NAF Atsugi package to fully flesh out the JMSDF forces that share the base with the US Navy. Everything needed to fully implement the JMSDF operations at Atsugi is included; Models and paints for HTAI C-130 HTAI C90, JAI P-3, JYAI Seahawks, and introducing the brand new JYAI P-1 models and paints.