Military AI Works is (in)famous for sticking to the FS9 platform for its packages. While we have our reasons to do so, it means that a bit of work is involved for our FSX and P3D users to get things working properly. Being a P3D user myself, this dev blog is a guide to my personal conversion methods.

This package is designed to update the excellent MAIW NAF Atsugi package to fully flesh out the JMSDF forces that share the base with the US Navy. Everything needed to fully implement the JMSDF operations at Atsugi is included; Models and paints for HTAI C-130 HTAI C90, JAI P-3, JYAI Seahawks, and introducing the brand new JYAI P-1 models and paints.

We are at the end of our Ten for Ten releases: ten military AI traffic packages released in a record period of only two months to celebrate our tenth anniversary. Our last package for now again features John Youngs awesome H-60 Blackhawk model and represents the North and South Carolina ARNG Hawks.

Military AI Works is turning 10 this year and we celebrate the occasion with 10 military AI traffic packages, designed by our top developers for your enjoyment. We're proud to present the first part in a new series of new AMC heavy lifter packages with the AMC C-5A's, produced by Desmond Burrell.

After a short delay, we're proud to announce part seven of our ten tenth anniversary releases. This package produced by Desmond Burrell and MAIW brings the US Navy MH-60S Seahawks at NS Norfolk to your flight simulator!