So much great stuff is being uploaded to our library that we're almost too busy installing all the new goodies ourselves instead of keeping you updated... With some delay, here is the overview for weeks 13 to 15!

Hey military AI traffic fans! After a long break from our popular Hot Shots, we're back with a brand new screenshot contest. At the start of every season, we'll hold a themed contest for the best military AI traffic screenshots, taken by you, chosen by you! Spring '16 takes us to Japan.

In mid 2011 a thread started on the MAIW forum promising "a series of JASDF bases".  Instead of sticking to the promise, it unleased a hazard flow of projects from all over the Japan Self Defense Force, the USAF, the USMC and seeminlgy any random source in Japan, drawing on work from an astounding number of creators.  Perhaps it is time to explain how it started and where it is going.