Way back in mid-September, I responded to Manfred’s disappointment that he had no Tornado GR1 AI aircraft for his in-progress retro RAF Brüggen scenery for P3Dv4. The reason for his disappointment is that we have no license to convert the Fernado Martinez (FMAI) FS9 model in the way that we do for many other of our FS9 AI aircraft. I was only too pleased to help and the following summarises what happened after and how a full range of Tornado’s is becoming available for all 3 sim versions.

More fighters just joined our already impressive list of converted models today. Five new model packages, all converted by Henk Schuitemaker are now available in our Download Hangar and soon on their way to your FSX or P3D!

We are pleased to release the AW139 AI packages that have been produced collaboratively between John, Brent and Giorgio.  The packages, for FS9 and FSX/P3Dv4, each feature 82 paints covering Italian and Japanese examples in a wide range of roles.

A new update for Matrix is out, bringing the app to version 1.1.0. This version includes some fixes and new features, but above all it makes the Asian region available for installation!