For almost a decade now, Military AI Works has taken the lead in promoting and producing freeware miitary AI traffic addons for flight simulator. If you want to help us, now is the time!

CYZF is a project that I started almost 2 years ago after seeing another version being scrapped, I initially just wanted to make the more common buildings at the airport but after receiving an email from Skip (Model Designer) and him introducing me to Shane (All round Guru of Virtual Landscaping) we put together SSM and made a full scale project out of it,

Something new is coming... something special...

  • One of the biggest packages ever released. 
  • A new fantastic airbase scenery from John Stinstrom & Tim Mayhew.
  • More than 30 different aircraft from 14 modellers,
  • Painted by 14 repainters, 33 voicepacks and 93 aircraft included.
  • Six Aerobatic Teams and seven aircraft never released before in a MAIW package.

Coming soon to your virtual skies.

More helicopters and a brand new Merlin AI model are flying your way with this newest release from Military AI Works produced by Gary Barker: RNAS Culdrose.

After months of relative silence, MAIW is proud to finally present our next complete military AI traffic package: Navy Jacksonville Seahawks produced by MAIW and put together by Desmond Burrell.

A survey was held in April 2015 containing nineteen questions for the community, asking about their current use of MAIW packages and how they would like MAIW to evolve.  The goal was to help the MAIW staff decide on the future direction. The final report is presented here. Alternatively, you can also download the pdf version of the report from our The Download Hangar.