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Number of Categories: 18
maiw_catimage.png Official MAIW Packages
Subcategories: 67
Files: 246

Full military AI packages, created by the MAIW team.

The MAIW scenery libraries as we often include them in our packages, but here as separate download.

Conversion packages to get the official MAIW packages working in FSX and P3D.

Official sceneries from Airfield Construction Group, hosted here at MAIW.

maiw_catimage_ddr.png Official DDR Flugzeugforum Scenery
Subcategories: 2
Files: 48

Official sceneries from the DDR Flugzeug Forum, hosted here at MAIW.

Complete military AI packages including paints, flightplans and scenery/afd files.

Military AI aircraft models in FS9 native format. Compatible with FS9, FSX and P3Dv3.

Military AI aircraft models in FSX native format. Compatible with FSX and P3D (all versions).

Military AI aircraft models in P3Dv4 native format. Compatible only with P3Dv4.

maiw_catimage_paint.png Aircraft Repaints
Files: 998

Military AI aircraft repaints.

maiw_catimage_paintkit.png Aircraft Paint Kits
Files: 223

Military AI aircraft paint kits.

maiw_catimage_aivehicles.png AI Vehicles
Files: 1

Military vehicle models, repaints and packages for AI road traffic

maiw_catimage_afd.png AFD Files
Files: 23

Airport Facility Data files, commonly known as "AFCADs", for military airfields.

maiw_catimage_flightplan.png Flightplans
Files: 50

Military AI flightplans.

maiw_catimage_scenery.png Scenery
Files: 175

Military scenery.

maiw_catimage_vcpmod.png Sounds
Files: 10

Sound files for AI traffic and military voicepack modifications.

maiw_catimage_tools.png Tools
Files: 4

Tools to enhance your military AI traffic.