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Scenery - Simple sceneries of hard to find air bases, pt.3: East Asia

On stock runways or from scratch. Russia: 7847 Ukurey/Nikolayevskoye, UIUV Vostochniy,Ulan-Ude. UOII Igarka, XH00 Smirnykh. Taiwan: RCDI Lungtang, RCWK Xinshe, RCXY Guiren, RKSW Suwon, RKTI Jungwon. Laos: VLXK Xieng Khouang. Viet Nam: VVBH Bien Hoa, VVGL Gia Lam, VVHL Hòa Lac, VVKP Kép, VVPB Phu Bai, VVPC Phu Cat, VVTH Tuy Hoa, VVYB Yên Bái. Indonesia: WR0G Bandar Udara Pengerungan. China: ZBZJ(ZB1G) Zhangjiakou Ningyuan, ZL09 Yuzhong, Xianguanying, ZSWU Wuhu, ZYAS Anshan Teng'ao. Not tested in FSX. Not for FS9 (yet). See my introductory note on the forum -

Created 27 June 2022
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