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Scenery - Simple sceneries of hard to find air bases, pt.5: Africa & South America

On stock runways or from scratch. Morocco: Heli overlay for GMME Sale, Rabat. Algeria: DAAY Mecheria, DAOE Bousfer, DAOF Tindouf, DAOL Oran Tafraoui, DAUL L'Mekrareg/Laghouat, DAUU Ain Beida, Ouargla, DTTB Bizerte-Sidi Ahmed. Gabon: FOON Franceville. DR Congo: FZAI Kitona. Egypt: HE12(HE0C) Inshas, HE16(HE0G) Birma/Tanta, HE28(HE0T) Gebel El Basur, HE43(HE1H) Az Zaqaziq, HESN Aswan. Tanzania: HTNG Ngerengere. Ecuador: SETA Taura. Colombia: SKPQ Germán Olano Moreno. Peru: SPTP El Pato. Not tested in FSX. Not for FS9 (yet). See my introductory note on the forum -

Created 27 June 2022
Changed 01 July 2022
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