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Scenery KJIF Jacksonville Imeson Airport Retro 1968 - United St Scenery KJIF Jacksonville Imeson Airport Retro 1968 - United States

Librarian, Please replace the previously uploaded file with this one. To date you haven't published the first version. Imeson Field, as it was also known, has been long closed down and replaced by the Jacksonville International airport (KJAX) in 1968. This scenery will bring back Imeson Field (and remove KJAX) to its glory days of the 1950s and 1960s with traffic files to match. Dan French has provided custom terminals, hangars and buildings for this project and Deltadart has provided many custom Military aircraft textures covering the many aircraft types employed by the 159th FIS Forida Air National Guard during this period. This scenery is meant to work with the Calclassic retro environment by Tom Gibson and the Calclassic community. By Al Von Pingel

1954 KJIF ANG area 1955 KJIF F-80s ANG02 1959 KJIF F-86Ls03
Created 08 April 2023
Version 1.0.1
Size 22.85 MB
Compatibility FS9
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