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AFD EGPD Aberdeen helicopter ops - United Kingdom

Two AFD files for Aberdeen airport, designed to be used exclusively with the UK2000 airport scenery in FS9. The EGPD AFD file controls fixed-wing operations at the airport, and the 2GPD AFD controls helicopter operations. Adjustments have been made to prevent interactions between the two AFDs as far as is possible (given that the helicopter runways are at the center of the airport). This allows John Young's S-92 helicopters painted by Mark Beale in a separate package, to independently operate at Aberdeen. Note that Mark's flightplans will require editing and recompiling to use 2GPD as the ICAO for the airport. GNU license - anyone can change and re-post these files (for other sims or FS9). AFDs are always work in progress!

Created 13 January 2021
Changed 17 January 2021
Version 1
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Compatibility FS9
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License GNU/GPL external