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Package RJTY Yokota - USAF 374th Airlift Wing 36th AS HOT

Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo is home to the 374th Airlift Wing with the 36th Airlift Squadron flying the C-130H and the 459th Airlift Squadron flying the C-12J. The base is also frequently visited by C-17s, KC-135s, C-5s and KC-10s as they deploy to locations around the Pacific. This package includes a new scenery for Yokota Air Base (RJTY) and paints, flight plans and models for the 36th AS (HTAI C-130H) and 459th AS (HTAI B1900C).

A more recent version of the package is available here.

Created 12 November 2016
Changed 08 June 2019
Version 1.0
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