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AI Airbus Helicopters UH-72/H145M (Eurocopter) Lakota (JYAI) HOT

This package features models of the Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota in use by the US Army, plus the US Navy H-72 examples. One model has also been modified as an example of a UK police helicopter. An EC145 model with the Fenestron tail rotor is included with variations for the Luftwaffe Special Forces H145M helicopters. The Fenestron model has also been used to produce an example of a UK Air Ambulance. All of the models feature hover-taxi animation combined with an animated lift on take-off. 51 paints are included. Scenery and flight plans for the US Army UH-72A examples at Fort Polk, Louisiana, plus associated landing zones and scenery are included, courtesy of Brent Newman. Brent has also produced scenery and flight plans for the Luftwaffe H145Ms at Laupheim airfield, Germany. Hartwig Ullrich has also kindly updated his scenery and flight plans to accommodate the US Navy Lakota’s at Patuxant River, Florida. The files are included in this package. A separate package for FS9 is in the MAIW Download Hangar with the name “”.

Created 17 June 2017
Changed 16 August 2017
Version FSX_V1
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Compatibility FSX
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