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Package RODN Kadena AFB - Japan USAF HOT

Kadena AFB, located on the Japanese Island of Okinawa, is home to the 44th & 67th Fighter Squadrons, the 909th Air Refuelling Squadron, the 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron, the 1st and 17th Special Operations Squadrons, the 33rd Rescue Squadron and elements of the 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron. This third version of the scenery finishes up the new Navy ramp, includes JYAI F-15s for the 44th & 67th FS and HTAI C-130s for the 1st & 17th SOS, makes significant changes to several old trouble spots and introduces a new FSX native version of the scenery.

Created 20 December 2018
Changed 22 December 2018
Version 3
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