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Package Westland Wessex – Part 1 - RAF HC2 & HCC4 FSX & P3D (J Package Westland Wessex – Part 1 - RAF HC2 & HCC4 FSX & P3D (JYAI)

This AI package, for FSX and P3D, is the first of 3 intended parts, this one featuring some of the Westland Wessex HU2 and HCC4 variants used by the RAF in the period 1983-85. Included are 11 Wessex of 2 FTS at Shawbury, 5 of 72 Sqn at Aldergrove, 10 of 22 Sqn (SAR) at dispersed locations around the UK and the 2 HCC4s of The Queen’s Flight at RAF Benson. Scenery and traffic files are included for Shawbury and Aldergrove with Benson intended to follow later. The Wessex AI can be operated with the RAF and Army Air Corps Gazelles, available in my earlier package, at the first two bases. Parts 2 and 3 are intended to cover some Royal Navy Wessex examples - the HAS1, HAS3 and HU5. A comprehensive paint kit will be uploaded as part of this project, to enable users to produce additional schemes as they wish.

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Created 23 April 2023
Version FSX_P3D_version 1
Size 27.8 MB
Compatibility FSX/P3Dv4
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License Freeware (Limited Distribution)