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Package ETUR RAF Brüggen - Germany Cold War Area ( Package ETUR RAF Brüggen - Germany Cold War Area (FSX)

Welcome and thank you for downloading RAF Brüggen (ETUR) for FSX v 1.
This scenery does reflect the cold war era of the RAF Brüggen Air Base end of the 80s, in
early 90s.
The former Royal Air Force Station Brüggen, more commonly known as RAF Brüggen,
was a major station of the Royal Air Force until 15 June 2001. It was situated next to the
village of Elmpt, approximately 43 kilometres west of Düsseldorf near the Dutch-German
border. The base was named after the village of Brüggen, the nearest rail depot.
Construction began in mid-1952, which involved the clearing of forest and draining of
marshland. The station became active in 1953 during the rapid expansion of NATO forces.
In 2002, it was handed over to the British Army and renamed Javelin Barracks.
The initial strike capability at RAF Brüggen was provided by the English Electric Canberra
from the summer of 1957. From 1969 to 1975 the Phantom FGR2 operated in the
strike/attack role and was replaced by the SEPECAT Jaguar from 1975. The squadron
Jaguars were replaced by the PANAVIA Tornado GR1 beginning in 1984. With a total of
four Tornado GR.1 squadrons at Brüggen, and 2 more at its nearby sister airbase RAF
Laarbruch, Brüggen and Laarbruch formed the largest Tornado force in NATO. Hardened
Aircraft Shelter were equipped with the U.S. Weapon Storage Security System (WS3),
each able to store up to 4 WE.177 tactical nuclear bombs, for delivery by Tornado aircraft.

NOTE: This is a pre-release version

What does that mean? There are still some seasonal ground polygons missing, especially for winter and hard winter.
But from spring to fall, you should have fun anyway.

Created 20 December 2023
Version V.1.0
Size 620.28 MB
Compatibility FSX
Author Manfred Schyma
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License Freeware (Limited Distribution)